Shane Cushing

Sushi and Asian Streetfood

I began my journey as a chef in the Caribbean The smell of the ocean and the Island life transferred into the food.I was hooked.

The second influence of my culinary career was living in the mountains of British Columbia. The living on the land lifestyle give me the opportunity to fish and grow my own organic produce. This  lifestyle aloud me to lock up the cabin for some of the winter and explore Southeast Asia.

This is where my passion for StreetFood was born. 




    We are local couple operating a take out and delivery restaurant. 

The Dragonfly is all about capturing the essence of sushi by offering an array of traditional and non-traditional crafted rolls.  Paired with the chef's version of street food dishes adopted from different countries in Asia.  

We make everything fresh every day, this means that          sometime we sell out.

Our commitment is to preparing the highest quality dishes for each and every customer means that during our peek times 6 til 8 there sometimes is a wait.

We love being apart of the Walkerville Community.